SOCIAL CAPSULE is the feelgood living of tomorrow: soothing, empathetic and above all: mobile!

The WELCOME HOME GROUP opens its showroom – a smart tiny-home that can be fully inhabited within 30 minutes. There’s no need to waste time adapting or settling-in. This small home makes its owner comfortable right away! 

In friendly coexistence with the in-house Artificial Intelligence and an Augmented Reality roommate, the personal comfort zone transforms into a meeting place that offers genuine togetherness and stimulation without strain.

The novel togetherness is made to counteract and even prevent all consequences of every-day social distancing. The futuristic home with its intelligent voice operating system serves as a new best friend that also teaches optimal healthy-living in digital realms: Feelings on demand!

Your new home will take care of you.

For all early adopters, we are now opening the showroom of our smart Tiny House. We welcome you to exclusively test SOCIAL CAPSULE in an individualized personal session.

Explore the future with us and register as a SOCIAL PIONEER for a hands-on session in our showroom.

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November 11 – 17 2022

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